Spot Stain Removal

There is no doubt that if you have a carpet – it will get stains! Stains of any origin as wine or food spillage, children and pets, that bring the great outdoors indoors!

If you are reading this page it’s because you’ve probably got a fresh stain. Here’s what you need to do first. Blot the stain with an absorbent cloth, tissue or kitchen towel. Blot and blot to soak up the spillage as much as you can.

Please do NOT use a supermarket brought products! This will not do the job and can leave permanent damage to your carpet or rug . This also will VOID some home and carpet INSURANCE policy’s .

Once you have blotted, please, give us a CALL! Besides a phone call, you can also text us or send us an email. And we`ll gladly offer advice or pop out and see what we can do, in order to remove the stain from your carpet.

​We offer an honest policy and we are highly qualified to help within your home insurance claim. Our spot stain removers are highly qualified and have industrial carpet cleaning machinery just for this purpose. All stain removal procedures are completed with an hypoallergenic antibacterial cleaning products. We sterilize all our equipment before and after use so you can be assured in our high hygienic standards

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