Knowledge of the basic methods of professional carpets cleaning and chemical cleaning of carpet coverings will help save time and money. More and more commercial orders are received by professional carpet cleaning companies at home. And this is the perfect time to move on to the fine details. For example, affordable carpet cleaning equipment. Dry cleaning carpets. Professional chemical carpet cleaning. Technologies and methods for cleaning carpets. What will help to make the best decision in each situation. Or escape from what you would like to avoid.


Professional carpets cleaning methods

There are four different methods that are used for cleaning carpets, each of which has its own advantages – as well as disadvantages. These are:


  1. Washing – the oldest form of carpet cleaning. For a professional cleaner, this is the fastest and easiest way to clean carpets. Everything you need is usually available. You only need to prepare shampoo, low-foam detergents for floor cleaning machines, carpet cleaners. In addition, a minimum of training is required for this job. The disadvantage, however, is the fact that the technique, as a rule, helps to clean only the surface of the carpet. The carpet will look clean upon completion. But dirt and stains are likely to return soon enough.


  1. Absorbent cleaning is very similar to shampooing, with the only exception that the pad moistened with cleaning solution is installed on a vacuum cleaner. When he moves on the carpet, he collects dust particles and the dirth. The disadvantages are similar to shampooing.


  1. Dry cleaning involves spreading a chemical solvent across the carpet. A dry vacuum cleaner mixes the carpet cleaner, which then collects dust and dirt from the brush cleaner. The best solution for cleaning carpets at sites where cleaning is carried out with a 24-hour cycle, and drying time become a key factor. The disadvantage of this method is that it is not as effective as the following method.


  1. Hot water extraction is recognized by all carpet cleaning experts as the most effective way to clean carpets. Hot cleaning solution is fed under pressure and sprayed on the carpet. For this, an extractor machine is used, which immediately collects – extracts – moisture back.


Why carpet cleaning results changes when using the extraction method?

Changes should not be significant when the technician is properly trained and applies proper equipment. There are several ways to prepare, and this is really important. The company’s specialists must complete basic courses on working with extractors in carpets cleaning. Along with proper preparation, there are several other reasons that can affect the cleaning results. These include: The use of outdated equipment or poor quality equipment. The machine does not heat the carpet cleaning solution; heat increases the efficiency of chemicals and significantly increases their effectiveness in dissolving the earth. Temperature treatment also speeds up the cleaning and reduces the consumption of the solution, since the equipment does not need to process one place several times.

Carpets must be vacuumed before using the extraction method. In this way, you remove dry earth and dust. This will greatly facilitate the work of the extractor in the removal of deeply rooted soil and stains. As a rule, it is recommended to spraying  the cleaning agent on the carpet before cleaning. Be sure to leave the agent for 10 minutes before using the extractor.


If you want your carpet to be cleaned with the right and most effective method, look for the services of the real professionals in this sector. Vk Cleaning Solutions have proven themselves the best on the market!

An untrained eye will not find a difference between a simple and professional carpet cleaning but it is huge. See a comparative analysis for cleaning a rug with a simple vacuum cleaner and a professional vacuum cleaner that’s right for this type of soft flooring. The ordinary vacuum cleaner will clean the larger waste materials, but the professional will also penetrate into the depth of the carpet fabric. It will use all its potential and different prefixes for complete cleaning, but also for the maintenance of matter. In this way, not only will it clean up, but it will also remove deep-seated dirt that could lead to the development of various pathogenic organisms

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