Professional Carpet Cleaning in Bedfordshire

Even if you treat your carpets with care, there will inevitably come a time when they will look unpleasant and unwelcoming. That’s why we recommend vacuuming them every day. Don’t have enough time and energy for that?

The good news is that we are here to help.

VK Cleaning Solutions will deep clean your carpets according to the type & manufacturers’ specifications. We use professional carpet cleaning machinery which produces superior results with a constant circular cleaning action that passes gently over each fiber of the carpet from every possible angle.

Our cleaning machines combine latest technology with eco-friendly solutions which results in a healthy and safe environment for children and pets. Yet, this wouldn’t be possible without VK Cleaning Solutions’ professional carpet cleaning team. We invest in our cleaners, so that they are fully trained and prepared for every possible carpet condition.

9 Professional Carpet Cleaning Steps for great results


Before we start we will need to know what your carpet type is. With this information we can choose the correct cleaning process.

We also observe any stains that will need extra attention. This involves UV light if urine maybe the culprit. Everything is documented on our hand written report.

Step 2: VACUUM

Your carpets are vacuumed with our highly specialized professional vacuum cleaner. This is a powerful industrial dry deep vacuum cleaning, which removes loose dirt and soil at your carpets’ deepest level.


Any spot stains are to be attended using a non-toxic plant based stain remover. The stain remover penetrates deep into the carpet fibers where it breaks the physical bond of stain particles and odor molecules from the carpet fibers and pad, allowing them to be blotted-up completely out of your carpet.


All carpet areas are sprayed using a plant based cleaning product, safe for children, pets and people suffering from asthma. This product is evenly dispersed using a specialized hand held machine.

Step 5: Pre Groom (Agitation)

A professional grooming machine is used to agitate the carpet fibers. This lifts any soil from deep within the carpet.

Step 6: Soil Extraction and Rinse

We use “Jaguar 8.4” – a world leading professional carpet cleaning extraction machine. This high tech machine will simultaneously spray high pressured water into the carpet fibers, and vacuum up soil and debris. Leaving your carpets beautifully clean & fresh.

Step 7: Post groom

A professional groomer machine is used. It lifts the pile fibers of your carpet, leaving them higher and thicker. This process also helps with a quicker dry time and the carpet fibers drying to the correct position.

Step 8: PH test

The cleaning process is finished and now it’s time to make sure that your carpets are left not only deep cleaned, but also with the correct PH balance – an incorrect PH balance can brown the carpets cause rapid re-soil and even completely ruin your carpets. We take the PH test to make sure this never happens.

Step 9: Deodorizer

The carpets are deodorized with an eco-friendly non-toxic plant based product, thus your carpets are left not only clean, but smelling fresh and sanitized.

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