Pet odor removal

Pet Urine Cleaning

Looking for the best pet urine remover? Stop searching and trust the pros.

Whether  its a new puppy or kitten or an elderly pet – the “smelly accidents” just happen! And usually happen in the most inappropriate place – the new carpet or upholstery. But don`t worry – we have the best solutions!

Vk Cleaning Solutions offers a deep pet odour removal service.

Even if it’s a small area, we’ll cover it.

Once the urine comes to the carpet, it will absorb deep into the fibers. The unpleasant odor will get into the upholstery of chairs, sofas…

This will not go away with supermarket products or even a Carpet clean.

Odor stain Removal Process

Our innovative detergents eliminate not only odor, but also stains.

Our pet odour remover will be mixed with hot water , it is poured whilst still hot and it will be poured on the area that needs attention – this may look like there is a lot of cleaning product  but it needs to get deep within the carpet to be able to brake down the urine or faeces  . This will be left for 30 minutes . We will then use our water claw high tech power clamp . This machine sucks the cleaning agent  from the carpet and rinses with a ph neutral rinse . Leaving your the area free from stains and odour free.

The Cleaning Products We Use

We use only eco friendly non toxic non detergent or soap based products . There are hypoallergenic and plant based derived .

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