Space debris can become a paid service for countries that do not have the appropriate technology. Such a view was shared by the leading forces in space within the International Exhibition and Forum “ECOTECH” in Moscow.

In the future, countries will be able to provide paid space debris cleaning services. But it is necessary to create legal bases for this and take into account the national security interests of all parties.

The problem of space debris today is estimated as one of the urgent problems of astronautics. For the history of observation, more than 24 thousand objects of space debris were recorded. Currently, there are more than 18 thousand such objects with a total weight of about 7.5 thousand tons. At the same time, the rubbish collides with each other, splitting into smaller parts. At present, low earth orbits are considered the most littered in the altitudes of 700 and 900 kilometers.

To solve the problem of space debris in 1993, the Inter-Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee, or IADC, was formed by space agencies of a number of states. It is an international governmental forum for global coordination of activities related to the problems of man-made and natural debris in space. The main objectives of IADC are the exchange of information on the research activities of space debris between the space agencies members of IADC. Facilitating cooperation opportunities in space debris research, reviewing current joint activities and identifying options for preventing space debris.

In the removal of space debris, many states see a new market for very expensive services. Begin to create the prerequisites that would make this work possible from the point of view of the state approach. The introduction of garbage collection obligations for states present in space is currently under discussion. This is done by analogy with the Kyoto Protocol, according to the principle “the one who drops more, he pays more”. However, those countries that do not have the appropriate technology, services may be provided for a fee.

So far, problems in connection with space debris arise only when it falls to Earth or collides with a spacecraft. To combat this phenomenon, protection and screens are installed on the devices. Danger can even be debris the size of 1 centimeter, which crashes into a spacecraft at a speed of 11 kilometers per second. Collision with a particle size of 5 – 30 centimeters can completely disable the device! Such accidents occur once every five years and form a lot of new space debris. With the planned increase in human activity in space, the number of large space debris will increase more than 4 times over 100 years.


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