In France, the crows will be engaged in garbage collection on the territory of the historical theme park Puy du Fou. It is noted that it is planned to train winged cleaners to perform cleaning work using the game. In exchange for the garbage, the crows will receive food. It is reported by The Guardian.


“The aim of the project is not only to improve the situation, because visitors, as a rule, do not litter, but to demonstrate that nature itself teaches us to take care of the environment,” said Nicolas de Villers, an employee of the park.


Especially for the birds in the amusement park will put small boxes. There the crows will bring a variety of small garbages, like cigarette butts, and in return receive food. In total, six crows will work in Puy du Fou.


Crows are among the most intelligent and quick-witted animals, the smartest of birds. Scientists say that according to mental abilities, they are at the level of five-year-old children or chimpanzees.


“Everything is not limited to the size of the brain. We have found that ravens and crows deals with tasks as well as apes, despite the smaller size of their brains,” said Chan Kabadai of Lund University in Sweden.


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