Upholstered furniture is a familiar attribute of a modern person, as it is in every home. It is a comfortable place to relax, and also serves as a decoration of the room. Sofas, chairs, couches, benches are made of wood, metal, plastic. Its main feature – the element covered with furniture fabric, leather or micro fiber.


Basic rules

The rules for the care of upholstered furniture allow the upholstery look fresh and attractive – almost like at the time of purchase. The correct way and choice of means for the care of upholstered furniture allows you to clean, carry out prevention and get rid of dust microorganisms that provoke allergies and many diseases.

Contamination with juice, coffee, tea, it is recommended to cleaning immediately, not allows the coloring matter to react with the fabric. Stains are cleaned with a dry sponge, brush, vacuum cleaner, depending on the material.

Cleaning upholstered furniture at home should be carried out correctly, given the structure and type of fabric:


  • For velour upholstery used soap detergents, steam. It should be noted that dry cleaning, with the use of stain removers and liquids on alcohol leads to discoloration of the fabric.
  • Care of soft furniture made of jacquard fabric consists in a weekly dry cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and a slightly damp sponge. The treatment of the spots is carried out in circular motions from the edges to the center without pressure, in no case rubbing. In difficult cases, apply professional equipment. Drying should take place in a natural way, avoiding direct sunlight.
  • Clean the leather upholstery with a damp sponge or soapy water, and remove minor scratches with the help of “liquid skin”.


Household cleaners for upholstered furniture includes salt, vinegar, ammonia and laundry soap. Before applying, their action should be checked on an inconspicuous part of the sofa, so as not to spoil the material. However, it should be borne in mind that these tools are not recommended for use at the same time.

To carry out high-quality cleaning of upholstered furniture at home today is not a problem. Specialists will help you to solve problems with particularly difficult contamination with the help of technical devices, knowledge of the material features and the use of effective means for cleaning upholstered furniture. Professionals, such as Vk Cleaning Solutions, will help you to remove dust, dirt, stains and other contaminants on the upholstered furniture . They`ve a highly qualified team of cleaners and the best pro-equipment. This ensures that  will eliminate any pollution from your upholstery and furniture quickly and without any complications in the living environment.

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