Have you been party up all night and now your carpet and upholstery needs serious cleaning? Is that familiar to you? Of course – we’ve all gone through this. The question now is how to choose the right cleaning company?


First, you should not confuse the ordinary cleaner with the professional cleaning company. The main activity of cleaning companies are cleaning offices, houses and apartments. Tidying up cleanliness and order in industrial premises and entertainment establishments, such as restaurants, cafes and clubs.

You will conclude a contract in advance. Cleaning in your home or office will be handled by qualified professionals who have all the necessary modern abilities and equipment. And not aging women equipped only with mops and accustomed to get out “the old fashioned way.”


How not to be mistaken with the choice of cleaning company? Still, you will enter those people into your home or office. You will trust them the cleanness of the space you inhabit every day. Not every person can be let into the house, quietly allowing him to touch and move your things. Whether the preparations they use will be safe for your family or colleagues in the office.


Let’s try to figure out what you should pay attention to:


  1. The image of the company.

Proverb states: “You are what you wear…“ Therefore, the first thing worth focusing on when choosing a cleaning company is the image.

The company, which spent funds on a convenient and interesting website, ordered a designer`s logo, has a presence on social networks, made a name for itself and conducted a number of promotions – this is most likely not an “one-day company” that simply does not profitably spend on such marketing and advertising moves. This is a solid company!


  1. Customer reviews.

Often, cleaning companies are recommended by friends, relatives or colleagues, and this greatly facilitates your choice. But what if no one from your circle could recommend a good cleaning company? In this case, we suggest you carefully examine the reviews of the company on the Internet. And not only on the company’s website, but also on other resources.


  1. The price of services.

Be careful if the company representatives quickly and without hesitation call you the final cost. For example, at the first telephone conversation. This can not be when contacting a qualified company. In one good professional company, the price is called only after the manager has examined the room in which he needs to clean up. And he will discuss with you the whole range of services.


  1. What is the staff equipment?

High-tech equipment and inventory, which is equipped with one good cleaning company, includes vacuum cleaners with different nozzles and a turbo brush, kits designed for washing glass, stepladders of various heights. Another innovation is a spin bucket, which is very easy to use. Such devices save time and can be used on large areas.

You should also be interested in the cleaning products they use. The best companies already use hypoallergenic, antibacterial, eco-friendly cleaners to keep people healthy. Including the health of sufferers of asthma and allergies.


  1. Feel free to ask questions.

Think about what interests and worries you, and be sure to ask your cleaning company manager about this. Do not be afraid to ask tricky questions – they will help you evaluate this or that company.

For example, specify how many people will be involved during the general cleaning. What tools will be used to remove stains from your favorite carpet. Ask what will happen if after cleaning something breaks or disappears. Qualified specialists in the case of such a question will not leave the answer, but will say what measures will be taken in such a hypothetical situation.


6. In conclusion…

If you live somewhere between Befordshire, Herfordshire and Buckinghamshire and need a professional cleaning company – we have a solution for you! Its’ name is Vk Cleaning Solutions. They are legal professional carpets and upholstery cleaners that provide deep cleaning of all types of carpets and upholstery. If you are not happy with the service they have provided – your money will be refunded. 100% GUARANTEE!

The company has a highly qualified team that manages high-tech cleaning equipment on a professional level. For cleaning, employees use antibacterial, eco friendly and hypoallergenic cleaners.

Call them NOW – and they will solve any problem that contaminates your daily life and your home or office!

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