Knowledge of the basic methods of professional carpets cleaning and chemical cleaning of carpet coverings will help save time and money. More and more commercial orders are received by professional carpet cleaning companies at home. And this is the perfect time to move on to the fine details. For example, affordable carpet cleaning equipment. Dry cleaning carpets. Professional chemical carpet cleaning. Technologies and methods for cleaning carpets. What will help to make the best decision in each situation. Or escape from what you would like to avoid.


Professional carpets cleaning methods

There are four different methods that are used for cleaning carpets, each of which has its own advantages – as well as disadvantages. These are:


  1. Washing – the oldest form of carpet cleaning. For a professional cleaner, this is the fastest and easiest way to clean carpets. Everything you need is usually available. You only need to prepare shampoo, low-foam detergents for floor cleaning machines, carpet cleaners. In addition, a minimum of training is required for this job. The disadvantage, however, is the fact that the technique, as a rule, helps to clean only the surface of the carpet. The carpet will look clean upon completion. But dirt and stains are likely to return soon enough.


  1. Absorbent cleaning is very similar to shampooing, with the only exception that the pad moistened with cleaning solution is installed on a vacuum cleaner. When he moves on the carpet, he collects dust particles and the dirth. The disadvantages are similar to shampooing.


  1. Dry cleaning involves spreading a chemical solvent across the carpet. A dry vacuum cleaner mixes the carpet cleaner, which then collects dust and dirt from the brush cleaner. The best solution for cleaning carpets at sites where cleaning is carried out with a 24-hour cycle, and drying time become a key factor. The disadvantage of this method is that it is not as effective as the following method.


  1. Hot water extraction is recognized by all carpet cleaning experts as the most effective way to clean carpets. Hot cleaning solution is fed under pressure and sprayed on the carpet. For this, an extractor machine is used, which immediately collects – extracts – moisture back.


Why carpet cleaning results changes when using the extraction method?

Changes should not be significant when the technician is properly trained and applies proper equipment. There are several ways to prepare, and this is really important. The company’s specialists must complete basic courses on working with extractors in carpets cleaning. Along with proper preparation, there are several other reasons that can affect the cleaning results. These include: The use of outdated equipment or poor quality equipment. The machine does not heat the carpet cleaning solution; heat increases the efficiency of chemicals and significantly increases their effectiveness in dissolving the earth. Temperature treatment also speeds up the cleaning and reduces the consumption of the solution, since the equipment does not need to process one place several times.

Carpets must be vacuumed before using the extraction method. In this way, you remove dry earth and dust. This will greatly facilitate the work of the extractor in the removal of deeply rooted soil and stains. As a rule, it is recommended to spraying  the cleaning agent on the carpet before cleaning. Be sure to leave the agent for 10 minutes before using the extractor.


If you want your carpet to be cleaned with the right and most effective method, look for the services of the real professionals in this sector. Vk Cleaning Solutions have proven themselves the best on the market!

An untrained eye will not find a difference between a simple and professional carpet cleaning but it is huge. See a comparative analysis for cleaning a rug with a simple vacuum cleaner and a professional vacuum cleaner that’s right for this type of soft flooring. The ordinary vacuum cleaner will clean the larger waste materials, but the professional will also penetrate into the depth of the carpet fabric. It will use all its potential and different prefixes for complete cleaning, but also for the maintenance of matter. In this way, not only will it clean up, but it will also remove deep-seated dirt that could lead to the development of various pathogenic organisms

In France, the crows will be engaged in garbage collection on the territory of the historical theme park Puy du Fou. It is noted that it is planned to train winged cleaners to perform cleaning work using the game. In exchange for the garbage, the crows will receive food. It is reported by The Guardian.


“The aim of the project is not only to improve the situation, because visitors, as a rule, do not litter, but to demonstrate that nature itself teaches us to take care of the environment,” said Nicolas de Villers, an employee of the park.


Especially for the birds in the amusement park will put small boxes. There the crows will bring a variety of small garbages, like cigarette butts, and in return receive food. In total, six crows will work in Puy du Fou.


Crows are among the most intelligent and quick-witted animals, the smartest of birds. Scientists say that according to mental abilities, they are at the level of five-year-old children or chimpanzees.


“Everything is not limited to the size of the brain. We have found that ravens and crows deals with tasks as well as apes, despite the smaller size of their brains,” said Chan Kabadai of Lund University in Sweden.


In the area of Leighton Buzzard have not hired yet from these smart crows. But there is no need for them, because there is Vk Cleaning Solutions. It is a family cleaning company that has the capacity to handle any professional challenge. If you have a problem with a dirty carpet, stained upholstery or dust that causes allergies – call them! They will visit you at a convenient time. They will clean professionally and carefully, using hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly cleaners, that protect people with allergies and children.

There are over 150 species of dust mites known to science. It is possible, and even likely, that unknown to science exist. On the Internet and popular literature, the name of saprophytes was fixed to dust mites, although this term in biology rather refers to plants. In science, dust mites are called dermatophagoid or pyroglyphid mites. And they are more like symbionts.

It is impossible to examine mites with the naked eye (their size is 0.1-0.3 mm). They are distributed around the globe. And not all are homemade. Mites feed on any organic particles that are abundant in household dust – particles of the epithelium, hair, wool, feathers, cellulose are their usual and desired food. Tthe main thing that dust mites are doing in their life is the destruction of microscopic organic matter, and in the fight for a warm place they compete with fungi and microorganisms.


And mites are the main provocateurs of allergies.

The danger is not in the number of ticks, but in the fact that their metabolic products have the ability to cause allergies. The excreta themselves is toxic, and small fragments of the remains of ticks (from 10 to 40 microns) are also volatile. Having risen into the air, they do not settle for a long time, and when inhaled they get into our respiratory tract. Up to 90% of people suffering from a particular type of allergy are sensitive to the presence of dust mite particles in the air. Ticks provoke the development of allergic bronchial asthma, as well as a number of chronic ailments, in which it is difficult to diagnose allergies. Chronic runny nose and cough, inflammation of the skin, eye irritation can be caused not by the “poor ecology of the city” and “weak immunity”, which are usually blamed for the ambiguous causes of diseases. But by the lack of well-kept apartment in general and bed space in particular.


Warm but not hot; wet but not damp; light, but no direct sunlight; plus a lot of delicious food – you yourself would not refuse to live a little in such optimal conditions. It is such that mites provide our beds, sofas, mattresses, pillows.


In the villages, for a long time, at least twice a year, they carried out a procedure for bringing quilts, mattresses, pillows, and blankets to the street: they were dried in the sun in the summer and frozen in the winter. Then they knew nothing about ticks. Fought mainly with bedbugs and cockroaches. But for ticks, this method worked fine. House dust mites do not tolerate ultraviolet and negative temperatures. Therefore, for the inhabitants of villages and country cottages, this method is good today. Coupled with shaking out / knocking out dust – that is, reducing harmful waste products – this procedure will ensure an adequate level of cleanliness.

Use tension covers for bed mattresses and change them along with bed linen. When changing linen carefully vacuums the mattresses themselves. Periodically change the position of the top-bottom of the mattress (if they are bilateral). Prevent the formation of a terry dust carpet under the bed and remove accumulated dust with a damp cloth or use a wet vacuum cleaning mode.


But the safest way to get rid of mites and dust-causing allergies is by trusting a professional cleaning company, such as Vk Cleaning Solutions. If you live in the area of Leighton Buzzard – Bedfordshire, do not hesitate to search for them. Their professional cleaners use hypoallergenic detergents, friendly for allergy sufferers, but ruthlessly kill bacteria.

Space debris can become a paid service for countries that do not have the appropriate technology. Such a view was shared by the leading forces in space within the International Exhibition and Forum “ECOTECH” in Moscow.

In the future, countries will be able to provide paid space debris cleaning services. But it is necessary to create legal bases for this and take into account the national security interests of all parties.

The problem of space debris today is estimated as one of the urgent problems of astronautics. For the history of observation, more than 24 thousand objects of space debris were recorded. Currently, there are more than 18 thousand such objects with a total weight of about 7.5 thousand tons. At the same time, the rubbish collides with each other, splitting into smaller parts. At present, low earth orbits are considered the most littered in the altitudes of 700 and 900 kilometers.

To solve the problem of space debris in 1993, the Inter-Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee, or IADC, was formed by space agencies of a number of states. It is an international governmental forum for global coordination of activities related to the problems of man-made and natural debris in space. The main objectives of IADC are the exchange of information on the research activities of space debris between the space agencies members of IADC. Facilitating cooperation opportunities in space debris research, reviewing current joint activities and identifying options for preventing space debris.

In the removal of space debris, many states see a new market for very expensive services. Begin to create the prerequisites that would make this work possible from the point of view of the state approach. The introduction of garbage collection obligations for states present in space is currently under discussion. This is done by analogy with the Kyoto Protocol, according to the principle “the one who drops more, he pays more”. However, those countries that do not have the appropriate technology, services may be provided for a fee.

So far, problems in connection with space debris arise only when it falls to Earth or collides with a spacecraft. To combat this phenomenon, protection and screens are installed on the devices. Danger can even be debris the size of 1 centimeter, which crashes into a spacecraft at a speed of 11 kilometers per second. Collision with a particle size of 5 – 30 centimeters can completely disable the device! Such accidents occur once every five years and form a lot of new space debris. With the planned increase in human activity in space, the number of large space debris will increase more than 4 times over 100 years.


Vk Cleaning Solutions, however, are firmly on the ground. They closely monitor all new techs in the sector. Their cleaning squads have the latest innovative cleaning machines available on the market. With their help, they GUARANTEE that will deal with any problem and pollution that you call. Try them!

In an online poll conducted for Karcher Institute of Research Now, residents of Brazil, China, Germany, France, Great Britain, Japan, Poland and the United States were asked about their habits in the house cleaning. The results of the study were very interesting! Who would have thought that 41% of young French people were dancing while cleaning? And every fourth American is talking to himself? Karcher collected 11 cleaning facts from around the world.


1) Cleanliness is important to all.

On average, 94% of respondents in all countries said that it was important for them that the house was clean. Brazilians are leading in terms of cleanliness in the house: 99 percent of respondents said that cleaning is important to them.


2) Russians are cleaned the longest.
The average amount of time spent per week for cleaning in these countries are two hours and ten minutes. Germany (2.17 hours), China (2.19 hours) and the United Kingdom (2.15 hours) are very close to this value. However, it is the Russians who spend the most time on cleaning their house every week: an average of 3.05 hours.


3) Brazil: dependence on household chemicals.

Worldwide, four out of five people use chemical detergents for cleaning. Brazilians slightly exceed the world average and rank first in the use of household chemicals. When asked whether they look at the composition when choosing a product, 29% of Brazilians said they prefer strong detergents, such as chlorine. Another 19% buy only environmentally friendly products.


4) China: the kitchen is the hardest part of cleanin.

36% of respondents from China believes that the kitchen is the most difficult part of the house for cleaning. In the age group from 55 to 65 years, almost every second (45 percent) believes that this is the case.


5) France: there is nothing better to do cleaning to the sound of music.

In France, people prefer to clean the house under the background music. 90% of respondents, at least, include music. 41% of young people from 18 to 24 years old responded that they always listen to music while cleaning and sing or dance to it. Only ten percent of respondents believe that a suitable tune will not help in cleaning the house.


6) Germany: music makes cleaning more fun.

German respondents also like to tidy up to music: 70% said they listen to music while cleaning. However, 24% of respondents do not want to be distracted and prefer to concentrate fully on restoring order.


7) USA: self-talk during cleaning.

People in the US are also trying to make cleaning more enjoyable and complement it with other things. They like to listen to music (58%). 27% of them also sing. Interestingly, almost a quarter of Americans claim to be talking to themselves during the harvest.

8) Japan: the Japanese love electrical appliances.

In Japan, a country of technology lovers, 33% of respondents are already thinking about buying a new cleaning device in the near future. In Japan, home appliances are very much appreciated: for example, 82% of respondents use equipment for cleaning premises. More – by a percentage – cleaning gadgets are loved only in Germany. On average around the world, 74% of the surveyed use such helpers – Japan is clearly leading.


9) Poland: steam cleaner – the leader among cleaning products.

If the Poles were offered to choose only one device, then 47% of respondents would prefer to use a universal steam cleaner. Especially women appreciate such devices – 56%.


10) Russia: cleaning before the arrival of guests.

Respondents from Russia are cleaning up longer and more thoroughly when parents should come to visit them (34%). 18% say they would spend more time cleaning before a date. 18-24-year-old respondents clearly appreciate the “clean” first impression – 26% of people in this age group plan to do a longer cleaning before the arrival of guests. Only ten percent would spend more time restoring order if their colleagues decided to come to visit them.


11) UK: the car is most important.

One third of men in the UK is most devoted to their car. 31% of respondents said they wash the car outside once a week. And eight percent of Britons say they wash the car every day. To ensure excellent visibility on the road, 12% of respondents gladly wash the windshield and windows every day.


About the study

These data are based on online surveys conducted by the Research Now Institute, which were attended by 9,125 people. To prepare the results of the time spent on cleaning, a smaller amount of data was used, since the average value was calculated without the upper and lower 3%. The results of this study represent the Brazilian, Chinese, German, French, British, Japanese, Polish, Russian and American population aged 18 to 65 years.


Not everyone, however, likes cleaning. Sometimes it is not possible for us to cope with the situation. Pollution is excessive or requires specialized intervention. That is why there are professional cleaning companies such as Vk Cleaning Solutions. They will save you from any difficulty. And they will do it professionally, safely and with a smile. Do not hesitate to call them when needed!

Have you been party up all night and now your carpet and upholstery needs serious cleaning? Is that familiar to you? Of course – we’ve all gone through this. The question now is how to choose the right cleaning company?


First, you should not confuse the ordinary cleaner with the professional cleaning company. The main activity of cleaning companies are cleaning offices, houses and apartments. Tidying up cleanliness and order in industrial premises and entertainment establishments, such as restaurants, cafes and clubs.

You will conclude a contract in advance. Cleaning in your home or office will be handled by qualified professionals who have all the necessary modern abilities and equipment. And not aging women equipped only with mops and accustomed to get out “the old fashioned way.”


How not to be mistaken with the choice of cleaning company? Still, you will enter those people into your home or office. You will trust them the cleanness of the space you inhabit every day. Not every person can be let into the house, quietly allowing him to touch and move your things. Whether the preparations they use will be safe for your family or colleagues in the office.


Let’s try to figure out what you should pay attention to:


  1. The image of the company.

Proverb states: “You are what you wear…“ Therefore, the first thing worth focusing on when choosing a cleaning company is the image.

The company, which spent funds on a convenient and interesting website, ordered a designer`s logo, has a presence on social networks, made a name for itself and conducted a number of promotions – this is most likely not an “one-day company” that simply does not profitably spend on such marketing and advertising moves. This is a solid company!


  1. Customer reviews.

Often, cleaning companies are recommended by friends, relatives or colleagues, and this greatly facilitates your choice. But what if no one from your circle could recommend a good cleaning company? In this case, we suggest you carefully examine the reviews of the company on the Internet. And not only on the company’s website, but also on other resources.


  1. The price of services.

Be careful if the company representatives quickly and without hesitation call you the final cost. For example, at the first telephone conversation. This can not be when contacting a qualified company. In one good professional company, the price is called only after the manager has examined the room in which he needs to clean up. And he will discuss with you the whole range of services.


  1. What is the staff equipment?

High-tech equipment and inventory, which is equipped with one good cleaning company, includes vacuum cleaners with different nozzles and a turbo brush, kits designed for washing glass, stepladders of various heights. Another innovation is a spin bucket, which is very easy to use. Such devices save time and can be used on large areas.

You should also be interested in the cleaning products they use. The best companies already use hypoallergenic, antibacterial, eco-friendly cleaners to keep people healthy. Including the health of sufferers of asthma and allergies.


  1. Feel free to ask questions.

Think about what interests and worries you, and be sure to ask your cleaning company manager about this. Do not be afraid to ask tricky questions – they will help you evaluate this or that company.

For example, specify how many people will be involved during the general cleaning. What tools will be used to remove stains from your favorite carpet. Ask what will happen if after cleaning something breaks or disappears. Qualified specialists in the case of such a question will not leave the answer, but will say what measures will be taken in such a hypothetical situation.


6. In conclusion…

If you live somewhere between Befordshire, Herfordshire and Buckinghamshire and need a professional cleaning company – we have a solution for you! Its’ name is Vk Cleaning Solutions. They are legal professional carpets and upholstery cleaners that provide deep cleaning of all types of carpets and upholstery. If you are not happy with the service they have provided – your money will be refunded. 100% GUARANTEE!

The company has a highly qualified team that manages high-tech cleaning equipment on a professional level. For cleaning, employees use antibacterial, eco friendly and hypoallergenic cleaners.

Call them NOW – and they will solve any problem that contaminates your daily life and your home or office!

Upholstered furniture is a familiar attribute of a modern person, as it is in every home. It is a comfortable place to relax, and also serves as a decoration of the room. Sofas, chairs, couches, benches are made of wood, metal, plastic. Its main feature – the element covered with furniture fabric, leather or micro fiber.


Basic rules

The rules for the care of upholstered furniture allow the upholstery look fresh and attractive – almost like at the time of purchase. The correct way and choice of means for the care of upholstered furniture allows you to clean, carry out prevention and get rid of dust microorganisms that provoke allergies and many diseases.

Contamination with juice, coffee, tea, it is recommended to cleaning immediately, not allows the coloring matter to react with the fabric. Stains are cleaned with a dry sponge, brush, vacuum cleaner, depending on the material.

Cleaning upholstered furniture at home should be carried out correctly, given the structure and type of fabric:


  • For velour upholstery used soap detergents, steam. It should be noted that dry cleaning, with the use of stain removers and liquids on alcohol leads to discoloration of the fabric.
  • Care of soft furniture made of jacquard fabric consists in a weekly dry cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and a slightly damp sponge. The treatment of the spots is carried out in circular motions from the edges to the center without pressure, in no case rubbing. In difficult cases, apply professional equipment. Drying should take place in a natural way, avoiding direct sunlight.
  • Clean the leather upholstery with a damp sponge or soapy water, and remove minor scratches with the help of “liquid skin”.


Household cleaners for upholstered furniture includes salt, vinegar, ammonia and laundry soap. Before applying, their action should be checked on an inconspicuous part of the sofa, so as not to spoil the material. However, it should be borne in mind that these tools are not recommended for use at the same time.

To carry out high-quality cleaning of upholstered furniture at home today is not a problem. Specialists will help you to solve problems with particularly difficult contamination with the help of technical devices, knowledge of the material features and the use of effective means for cleaning upholstered furniture. Professionals, such as Vk Cleaning Solutions, will help you to remove dust, dirt, stains and other contaminants on the upholstered furniture . They`ve a highly qualified team of cleaners and the best pro-equipment. This ensures that  will eliminate any pollution from your upholstery and furniture quickly and without any complications in the living environment.

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