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Carpet and upholstery cleaning in Chesham. A professional company next to your door or office, covering both commercial and residential customers. we use WorldOfClean products- hypoallergenic, natural eco-friendly bio-based products, which are safe child, pets safe and asthma safe. Our cleaning products do not only clean to the highest of standards but are also proven to kill viruses and bacteria. 

We use a powerful jaguar 8.4 extraction machine, The Jaguar is the first portable extractor in the UK to use the new revolutionary 8.4 twin two-stage vacuums and the latest Ultra-Tech wind tunnel technology combining high airflow and high lift, something not possible before in portables due to limits with previous motor design. We also use a TM3 CRB Carpet Cleaning & Agitation Machine

As a pile-lifter and agitation machine for pre-spray.

With Renovator Trays fitted to remove impacted dry soil or pick up used granules.

With Dry Carpet Powder as a stand-alone Very Low Moisture cleaning system.

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✓ No hidden taxes | Competitive prices
TM3 CRB & other professional equipment
Eco- friendly cleaning products
✓ Asthma, allergy, poisoning- zero risks

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Commercial and residential
carpet cleaning

We offer professional carpet cleaning for Chesham. 
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Commercial and residential
Upholstery cleaning

Professional upholstery cleaning for Chesham.
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