Knowledge of the basic methods of professional carpets cleaning and chemical cleaning of carpet coverings will help save time and money. More and more commercial orders are received by professional carpet cleaning companies at home. And this is the perfect time to move on to the fine details. For example, affordable carpet cleaning equipment. Dry […]

In France, the crows will be engaged in garbage collection on the territory of the historical theme park Puy du Fou. It is noted that it is planned to train winged cleaners to perform cleaning work using the game. In exchange for the garbage, the crows will receive food. It is reported by The Guardian. […]

There are over 150 species of dust mites known to science. It is possible, and even likely, that unknown to science exist. On the Internet and popular literature, the name of saprophytes was fixed to dust mites, although this term in biology rather refers to plants. In science, dust mites are called dermatophagoid or pyroglyphid […]

Space debris can become a paid service for countries that do not have the appropriate technology. Such a view was shared by the leading forces in space within the International Exhibition and Forum “ECOTECH” in Moscow. In the future, countries will be able to provide paid space debris cleaning services. But it is necessary to […]

In an online poll conducted for Karcher Institute of Research Now, residents of Brazil, China, Germany, France, Great Britain, Japan, Poland and the United States were asked about their habits in the house cleaning. The results of the study were very interesting! Who would have thought that 41% of young French people were dancing while […]