About Us

Vk Cleaning Solutions provide a 9 step deep cleaning service for carpets and upholstery.

We are fully trained in all our specific fields. Our company use only top carpet shampooers and detergents. Moreover, we use hypoallergenic natural eco-friendly bio based products. Which are safe for child, pets and asthma suffers. Our cleaning products do not only clean to the highest of standards. They have also proven that kill viruses and bacteria in your carpets, sofas and chairs .

Why choose us for your carpet and upholstery cleaning? We are highly trained and re-train every year. Also we are fully insured for an extra piece of mind. We do not use any toxic chemical cleaning products. Besides, Vk Cleaning Solutions use natural economically friendly ph balanced products. We offer a 9 point cleaning process.

This is a family run professional business. But in this company all are part of the family. Including the clients. Our people proudly defend their reputation for stain removal experts. Our deep carpet cleaning method will leave your carpets looking bright, smelling fresh and deeply sanitized.

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