In an online poll conducted for Karcher Institute of Research Now, residents of Brazil, China, Germany, France, Great Britain, Japan, Poland and the United States were asked about their habits in the house cleaning. The results of the study were very interesting! Who would have thought that 41% of young French people were dancing while cleaning? And every fourth American is talking to himself? Karcher collected 11 cleaning facts from around the world.


1) Cleanliness is important to all.

On average, 94% of respondents in all countries said that it was important for them that the house was clean. Brazilians are leading in terms of cleanliness in the house: 99 percent of respondents said that cleaning is important to them.


2) Russians are cleaned the longest.
The average amount of time spent per week for cleaning in these countries are two hours and ten minutes. Germany (2.17 hours), China (2.19 hours) and the United Kingdom (2.15 hours) are very close to this value. However, it is the Russians who spend the most time on cleaning their house every week: an average of 3.05 hours.


3) Brazil: dependence on household chemicals.

Worldwide, four out of five people use chemical detergents for cleaning. Brazilians slightly exceed the world average and rank first in the use of household chemicals. When asked whether they look at the composition when choosing a product, 29% of Brazilians said they prefer strong detergents, such as chlorine. Another 19% buy only environmentally friendly products.


4) China: the kitchen is the hardest part of cleanin.

36% of respondents from China believes that the kitchen is the most difficult part of the house for cleaning. In the age group from 55 to 65 years, almost every second (45 percent) believes that this is the case.


5) France: there is nothing better to do cleaning to the sound of music.

In France, people prefer to clean the house under the background music. 90% of respondents, at least, include music. 41% of young people from 18 to 24 years old responded that they always listen to music while cleaning and sing or dance to it. Only ten percent of respondents believe that a suitable tune will not help in cleaning the house.


6) Germany: music makes cleaning more fun.

German respondents also like to tidy up to music: 70% said they listen to music while cleaning. However, 24% of respondents do not want to be distracted and prefer to concentrate fully on restoring order.


7) USA: self-talk during cleaning.

People in the US are also trying to make cleaning more enjoyable and complement it with other things. They like to listen to music (58%). 27% of them also sing. Interestingly, almost a quarter of Americans claim to be talking to themselves during the harvest.

8) Japan: the Japanese love electrical appliances.

In Japan, a country of technology lovers, 33% of respondents are already thinking about buying a new cleaning device in the near future. In Japan, home appliances are very much appreciated: for example, 82% of respondents use equipment for cleaning premises. More – by a percentage – cleaning gadgets are loved only in Germany. On average around the world, 74% of the surveyed use such helpers – Japan is clearly leading.


9) Poland: steam cleaner – the leader among cleaning products.

If the Poles were offered to choose only one device, then 47% of respondents would prefer to use a universal steam cleaner. Especially women appreciate such devices – 56%.


10) Russia: cleaning before the arrival of guests.

Respondents from Russia are cleaning up longer and more thoroughly when parents should come to visit them (34%). 18% say they would spend more time cleaning before a date. 18-24-year-old respondents clearly appreciate the “clean” first impression – 26% of people in this age group plan to do a longer cleaning before the arrival of guests. Only ten percent would spend more time restoring order if their colleagues decided to come to visit them.


11) UK: the car is most important.

One third of men in the UK is most devoted to their car. 31% of respondents said they wash the car outside once a week. And eight percent of Britons say they wash the car every day. To ensure excellent visibility on the road, 12% of respondents gladly wash the windshield and windows every day.


About the study

These data are based on online surveys conducted by the Research Now Institute, which were attended by 9,125 people. To prepare the results of the time spent on cleaning, a smaller amount of data was used, since the average value was calculated without the upper and lower 3%. The results of this study represent the Brazilian, Chinese, German, French, British, Japanese, Polish, Russian and American population aged 18 to 65 years.


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